The U.S. Army Wants YOU to Practice Safe Geotagging

29 Nov

Credit: Lars PlougmannLast week, The U.S. Army slideshare was provided with a 20 page slideshow on geotagging safety. The funny thing about the slideshow is that it’s like Big Brother handing out tips  about where you may find him lurking. Most of this info is aimed at members of the military and those associated with them, but the average person may find value in this information as well.

So what are the highlights?

1) Any photo you take with a smartphone and upload to a social networking site can reveal your location, the time you took the picture, and even your daily habits if enough info is provided.

2) Many people don’t realize how much information is embedded into tagged photos.

3) Users should always be aware whether their camera automatically adds geolocation metadata to images, and know how to turn off any GPS functions.

4) By “checking in” to an application we reveal patterns in our activities and possibly even the locations of our homes to unknown people.

5) The easiest way to avoid displaying to much personal information is to know how your networking devices work and to disable the geotagging functions on smartphones.

For more information on geotagging and the criminal use of geolocation technology, take a look at Also keep in mind that the only way to maintain security is to be aware your activities and the footprints you leave.

2 Responses to “The U.S. Army Wants YOU to Practice Safe Geotagging”

  1. Seb November 30, 2010 at 4:54 am #

    I fully agree people should be aware. But most people do not publish these inormation by purpose but because it seems to be cool.

    On the other hand geotagging is one of the most handy ways of tagging your private picture database at home on your computer, for professionals selling pictures, …

    That is why we wrote an article on this allready in April 2010:
    (google translate at the right top of the page)

    Some people are just like parents telling their kids never to tell their names to strangers. And the bumper sticker on Hockey Moms car proudly presents “Kevin on board” at the same time. Yeeeehaaa!

  2. social workers December 11, 2010 at 7:47 am #

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